LUXURY CHALET - View of Mont Blanc

45° 53' 36.8" N, 6° 38' 21.4" E

Are you looking for a chalet to rent in Combloux?

Discover the authentic charm and luxury chalet with a spa. A high-end chalet with a traditional feel but an identity which is decidedly contemporary and welcoming. An exceptional chalet with a pool where you can come together... to revitalise. In winter, after a great day's skiing, once at the bottom of the pistes you'll be thinking of one thing only: getting back to the cosy charm of your chalet. In summer, you'll be dazzled by the surrounding nature.

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A chalet in the heart of Haute Savoie, facing Mont Blanc

What could be more magical than contemplating the sunset over Mont Blanc and the Alps from the warm and cosy atmosphere of your living room, by the fireside? The location of your chalet in Combloux allows you to enjoy an exceptional panorama across the mountains.

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Otoctone.Combloux traditional but modern chalet architecture

Impressive with its lowered volumes, its strong footprint, its traditional cladding and its two-slope roof, the Chalet Otoctone offered for rent, resembles the farms of the region.

The structure of the chalet is entirely in concrete, dressed in old reclaimed wood, spruce and fir. The base has a lot of stones, which visually anchors the Combloux chalet in the high mountains.

This traditional bias is found at the entrance, treated as a natural passage: a mineral exterior, with dry stone walls, meets an interior with a floor tiled with large slabs of imitation stone porcelain stoneware, the massive doors making the transition .

The architecture of the chalet has followed the codes of traditional mountain structures. Crossbowmen, ties, punches: the truss assemblies seem to have always been there

Otoctone - Chalet_VMB_08

Why rent an Otoctone.Combloux chalet?

The chalets for rent in Combloux are more and more sought after for spending holidays with family or friends. The equipment of the Otoctone chalet is worthy of the greatest hotels with a tailor-made service, ranging from simple rental to an ultra-luxury concierge service.

Despite its impressive volumes, the Otoctone chalet has been designed to keep a promise of being good for two, four, ten or fifteen.

Living spaces in the chalet on a human scale….cozy corners, intimate spaces, cocoon lounge on a platform facing the fireplace, coffee corner, private half-levels on each floor: the decorations are designed to create a serene atmosphere , so that everyone can experience the chalet at their own pace throughout the day.

Call on a private chef from Combloux to savor meals with the family after a day of skiing on the nearby slopes.

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A luxury chalet, and for the duration of your stay, it is all yours. Experience the charm, comfort and elegance of OTOCTONE.COMBLOUX to the full.

For your events (weddings, birthdays...), choose the comfort of OTOCTONE.COMBLOUX

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